About the author

Major Łukasz Kuźmicz was born in 1925 in Kuśniszcze in Volhynia.

On 29 and 30 August 1943 he witnessed all the tragic events during Ukrainian Insurgent Army's attack on the following villages: Ostrówki, Wola Ostrowiecka, Borki and his house in Kuśniszcze. In these villages and in the entire Lubolm and Kovel Counties in Volhynia around 15.000 Poles were murdered.

Łukasz Kuźmicz entered the Polish Army and in 1944 as a soldier of the 2nd Polish Army came to Rzeszów. Then he was transferred to the Department of Public Safety.

During his service, he witnessed and participated in many dramatic events concerning battles against Ukrainian Insurgent Army.

The knowledge and evidences he managed to gather from that time – unpublished documents, unique pictures and numerous names of people who took part in those events – constitute a valuable source of knowledge about a painful fragment of the common Polish and Ukrainian history.

This site was constructed in attempt to throw a new light on these events that still are ambiguously interpreted.