Zbrodnie bez kary

Author: Łukasz Kuźmicz
Publisher: Łukasz Kuźmicz

Publishing Year: 2020 (Second edition)
Pages: 349

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Circumstances of Ukrainian Insurgent Army's (UPA) arising

After the fall of Austria-Hungary and long-lasting revolution in Russia, Ukrainian nationalist activists took their efforts to create Ukrainian Republic in Galicia. Symon Petliura – Ukrainian politician – became the leader of Ukrainian Nationalist Government. In 1919 he concluded a military treaty with Józef Piłsudski and in 1920 took part in the common campaign against Kijów. In 1921 he was defeated by The Red Army. After the defeat he went into exile together with other politicians.

Symon PETLIURA (1877–1926), Ukrainian politician. In 1918 r. he became the leader of Ukrainian Nationalist Government. In 1919 he concluded a treaty with J. Piłsudski and in 1920 he took part in a common campaign against Kijów. In 1921 he was defeated by The Red Army and afterwards went into exile (1921).

In 1926 Dmytro Dontsov – one of the Ukrainian theoreticians – while analysing these defeats he published his work “Nationalism” where he included main assumptions of nationalism in a form of ten commandments and methods to achieve nationalist aims.

In 1920 The Ukrainian Military Organisation began to work in exile. It was founded by Ukrainian Sich Riflemen. In 1929 it joined the nationalist civil groups and at the congress in Vienna together with them created the Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) with Yevhen Konovalets as its leader.

When Adolph Hitler came to power, OUN followed the fascist and Mussolini's ideology.

The one marked with cross is Szpak “Krim” Matwij – leader of a training group in SS Division Galizien, who later was a bandleader in Baligród area, where he attacked military units and civilians. He was killed in action in 1948.

Przemyśl, May 24, 1941. Friendly meeting of German Police officers and Ukrainian Policemen being at the Nazi's service. They were thoroughly trained and later reinforced Ukrainian Insurgent Army' sotnias.

June 22, 1941 – two Ukrainian battalions “Roland” and “Nachtigall” together with the Nazi Wehrmacht and the entire leadership of OUN set off for Lviv (apart from Stepan Bandera who at that time stayed in Cracow).

June 30, 1941 — at Stepan Bandera's command they announced the foundation of Ukrainian Government in Lviv with Yaroslav Stetsko as the Prime Minister. Hitler regarded the government self-appointed and dissolved it. Bandera and other organisers were put in camps — mainly in Sachsenhausen-Oreanienburg — the others dispersed.

Roman Shukhevych also known as „Taras Chuprynka” – the leader of „Nachtigall” battalion, moved to Polesie where (after forcing other groups – Andriy Melnyk's faction leaded by Taras Boroviec known as Taras Bulba – to join him) on 12 October 1942 he created the Ukrainian Insurgent Army and took its lead. He was one of the main culprit of all murders in Volhynia, entire Eastern Frontiers and postwar Poland.

Roman Shukhevych – „Taras Chuprynka”, „Tur”, „Łozowskij”, the leader of Ukrainian Insurgent Army. He was born in Krakowiec, Jarosław County. He was a co-founder of Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) in Polesie, later he became a leader of UPA and of all its battalions in Poland. On 5 March 1950 he was found by USSR safety authority hiding in Biłohorszcze near Lviv and after a few shots, he was killed.

„The act of proclamation
By the Will of Ukrainian People
Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists
under the direction of Stepan BANDERA
proclaims the formation of Ukrainian Statehood
for which gave up their lives
entire generations of the finest sons of Ukraine.

Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalist which under the direction of its Founder and Leader Yawhen Konovalets, carried out in the last few decades of the bloody Moscow-Bolshevik enslavement a fierce battle for freedom, calls the entire Ukrainian nation not to lay down their weapons as long as the Sovereign Ukrainian Government is not created in the entire Ukraine.

The Sovereign Ukrainian Government will guarantee Ukrainian nation order, unilateral development of all its powers and satisfaction of all its needs. OUN under the direction of Stepan Bandera calls to subjecting to National Government founded in Lviv led by Yaroslav Stetsko.

Glory to heroic German Army and to its Fuhrer Adolph Hitler!

Ukraine for Ukrainians! Away with Moscow! Away with foreign power in Ukrainian land! We build Sovereign Ukrainian Statehood!”