Zbrodnie bez kary

Author: Łukasz Kuźmicz
Publisher: Łukasz Kuźmicz

Publishing Year: 2020 (Second edition)
Pages: 349

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General Karol “Walter” Swierczewski's death

There are numerous legends and versions concerning the circumstances of of Gen. Karol Świerczewski's death. After 1990 there was much of counterfeit information, but the author by giving only facts, refutes it.

March 3, 1947 – Gen. Karol Świerczewski „Walter”, commander of 2nd Polish Army, Vice Minister of National Defence, died in battle against Ukrainian Insurgent Army in Jabłonki, Lesko County.

In this book the reader will find a full and documented information concerning General's death as well as truthful relations by Gen. Mikołajek Prus-Wiąckowski – commander of V Kraków Military District, Col. Jan Gerhard – commaner of 34th Infantry Regiment, author of the book “Łuny w Bieszczadach” on which basis the movie “Ogniomistrz Kaleń” was directed.

Authors of many publications concerning this topic (which appeared after 1990) did not try to explain the truth, because it had been already explained by a special military board. They tried to ridicule the general and soldiers accompanying him with frequent suggestions that it was not UPA who killed him but his companions with bayonet. In 1990 his monument was removed in Przemyśl and in Baligród – where the monument still stands – a museum was closed.

Jabłonki, March 27,1977. Monument put up in the place where on 28 March 1947 died Karol Świerczewski “Walter” in a battle against Ukrainian Insurgent Army's sotnias “Stacha” and “Chrina”.

In various publications there is no information about those who died together with Gen. Świerczewski but their names are: 2nd Lt, Józef Krysiński, August's son, born on 14.08.1919 in Warsaw and Cpl. Stefan Strzelczyk Władysław's son, born on 03.09.1923 in Warsaw. Three soldiers were injured. Funeral of the general and those who died beside him took place on 1 April 1947 in Warsaw.

Jabłonki, March 27, 1977 - Antonina Świerczewska – Gen. Karol Świerczewski's dauther – together with delegation lays flowers under the monument during 30th anniversary of his death. The ceremony was organised by Wojewódzki Komitet Frontu Jedności Narodu in Krosno.

The further tragedy that took place in that day in Bieszczady Mountains is described in details in the book ZBRODNIE BEZ KARY.